3D Manufacturing

Does manufacturing need to be complicated? We don’t think so. We have entered the next Industrial Revolution and our process is really as simple as the five steps above. With our advanced 3D Manufacturing Center we can handle almost any volume; with respect to the material, size and application. While contract manufacturing has evolved to 3D printing tens of thousands of parts in a week we also offer our more traditional manufacturing methods of CNC Machining and Turning, our ProCAST RTV Urethane Castings and Injection Molding. Are you exploring all your options? Let us help you transform your supply chain by unlocking the transformative power of Additive Manufacturing.


SERVICETypical UsePROTOTYPEPRODUCTIONTypical Production DeliveryTypical Production Quantity
MJFMedical / Military / Consumer / Automotive Interiorxx1-2 weeks100 - 100,000+
FDMAerospace / Production Jigs & Fixturesxx1-3 weeks50 - 300
SLAMedical / Dental e.g. Hearing Aids, Medical Modelsxx1-2 weeks50 - 2,000
PROCAST URETHANESMedical, Aerospace, Consumer, Automotive, Roboticsxx1-2 weeks50 - 1,000
HYBRID RTV TOOLINGMedical, Aerospace, Consumer, Automotivexx1-4 weeks100 - 4,000

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