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Production for the Syng Cell Alpha Speaker

Production for the Syng Cell Alpha Speaker Syng, a Los Angeles-based company building next-generation audio, has released a groundbreaking product leveraging GKN Forecast 3D’s expertise combined with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology. The result? The Syng Cell Alpha speaker featuring a critical, MJF-produced component dubbed the “halo”. Complete the form below to watch our [...]

The Future of Smart Sound

The Future of Smart Sound: Syng Launches First Triphonic Speaker California-based audio firm, Syng, was born from a desire to transform the human relationship with sound. The object-based sonic architecture of the Cell Alpha transcends conventional design standards and leverages HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing solutions to produce a functional, durable, beautiful, high-fidelity speaker. [...]


Autonomous drone designer and manufacturer, Fortem Technologies, is one of the leaders in airspace security and defense.  Through an advanced ecosystem of distributed radar, artificial intelligence and deep sensor integration, Fortems’ software detects unauthorized drones in a specific area and can alert personnel to the issue or autonomously eliminate those threats.  The Fortem DroneHunter® is […]

Strike a Pose! Stickybones Takes 3D Printing to Hollywood

With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and special effects industry, Stickybones‘ CEO and C-Founder Erik Baker identified a significant gap for animators to produce animated and visual effects films —it takes too long. By offering a physical, tactile approach to explore ideas rapidly, Stickybones is able to save countless hours for animators […]

Customized Production with 3D Printing

Customized Production With 3D Printing Wiivv Customer Success Story Custom insole and sandal manufacturer, Wiivv, is redefining comfort and convenience in the footwear industry.  Paired with their award-winning mobile app, consumers are able to create a digital copy of their foot and order completely customized footwear unique to them, delivered within 14 days.  The part [...]

Concept to Commercialization: NP Swabs in America

Concept to Commercialization: NP Swabs in America Author: Ryan HayfordPublish Date: August 20, 2020 Nasal Swab Case Study Eight weeks. That’s how long it took GKN Forecast 3D to create an agile manufacturing plan for the nasopharyngeal swabs and immediately go-to-market for mass production. As of today, GKN Forecast 3D has produced over 1 million [...]

Behind the Scenes of GKN Forecast 3D’s One Millionth Nasal Swab Production

A common misconception of 3D printing’s capabilities is the restriction to low-series, prototype capacity. As COVID-19 disrupted traditional manufacturing supply chains, the 3D printing industry stepped up to the challenge to fill production shortages and circumvent restrictions with high flexibility.

Backed by Data: Why New Market Demands Require Agile Manufacturing

The rapidly transforming manufacturing industry requires quick adaption: Manufacturers are faced with the challenge to exceed high customer expectations, reach aggressive production timelines, and operate efficiently to meet market demands.

How and When Will 3D Printing Disrupt The Auto Market?

From the time you were able to drive, your car has been a symbol of independence: being able to go where you want, when you wanted. If your first car was an older vehicle, it is possible you spent a lot of time looking for parts to fix it. Parts stores and local mechanics serve […]

How We Leverage Heat Treatment Processes for Additive Manufacturing

HOW WE LEVERAGE HEAT TREATMENT PROCESSES FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Thermochemical treatment is widely used to improve the mechanical properties of conventionally manufactured metal parts, but what about additively manufactured parts? The GKN Powder Metallurgy R&D team transferred their extensive expertise in powder metallurgy to additive manufacturing (AM). Dr.-Ing. Markus Schneider and Dennis Wawoczny, both highly engaged in […]

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