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Welcome to the GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) Resource Page.  Learn more about the additive manufacturing industry and why it's impacting every industry imaginable.  From consumer product companies developing the next generation of wearable technology to manufacturing companies redefining the supply chain, AM is playing a major role.  Our technical resource center is full of case studies, white papers, videos, design guides, and webinars from the leading experts in 3D printing.  And don't forget to visit our GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) Blog for the latest in news, customer case studies, and updates from around the industry.

Webinar: The Impacts of COVID-19 on Additive Manufacturing

HP hosted a summit with industry experts to explore the impacts COVID-19 is having on Additive Manufacturing and where they see it going. GKN Additive (Forecast 3D)'s Ken Burns participated in the conversation, and it's full of great information about additive manufacturing in the time of COVID. Features bonus case study downloads.

Inhouse vs. Outsource AM: The 7 Considerations Executive Guide, To buy or not to buy.

Engineers and designers continue to grapple with whether they should purchase additive manufacturing equipment to install in their own facility or outsource their prototyping and production needs to a third party.

How Additive Manufacturing Boosts Supply Chain Resiliency

Modern supply chains are especially resilient, even in the face of many common obstacles. However, every system has its limits. Our white paper addresses  the role additive manufacturing plays in supply chain resiliency.

Ready to Start Designing?

The HP Multi Jet Fusion Handbook covers best practices and design guidelines.

Get the Podcasts

Our Podcasts are short (10-11 minutes), but packed with knowledge and information on topics such as sustainability in additive manufacturing and scaling additive manufacturing for medical applications.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN: Production vs Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing Processes

A broader selection of materials, advanced technologies, and a variety of processes have provided a wide array of capabilities to manufacturers for prototyping through production part generation. Read the full article in PDF format.

Setting the Expectation: Maximizing the Value of Additive Manufacturing at Scale

In this webinar, Director of Engineering Dmitriy Yurchenko discusses Forecast3D’s additive manufacturing plan process, which is built through our experience in both prototyping and production, and how to unlock the full potential of utilizing 3D printing.

AM Pulse Survey Results

The AM Pulse Survey took place in February 2021. The goal of this survey is to learn more about the additive manufacturing community and identify ways to benefit our audience and this maturing industry. The data below is collected from over 200 different users from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. The data speaks for itself.

Podcast: The State of Additive Manufacturing in Defense

John Sutterfield, GKN Additive (Forecast 3D)’s Director of Project Management sits down with SME Media Senior Technical Editor Bruce Morey to discuss how military, government, and civil protection agencies around the world are adopting additive manufacturing.

Webinar: Disruptive Innovation - Digital Polypropylene

This webinar covers disruptive innovation, benefits of digital polypropylene, and transforming your business. Hear from our Director of Digital Solutions, David Tucker, on how this new material is leading the future of additive.

Webinar: SOMOS® WaterShed Black

In this webinar, our SLA Additive Lab Manager, David Vecchio, describes how GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) can combine our SLA technology with SOMOS® WaterShed Black to get you to market faster – with parts that are both rigid and sleek.

Webinar: Revolutionizing the Production Journey with Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

In this webinar, Justin Swartz walks through the ways GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) has been enhancing the design process and revolutionizing the production journey. Incorporating new features will open the door to new types, sizes and styles of products that can be developed with additive manufacturing.

Advanced Finishing Guide

GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) offers a wide variety of high-quality finishing options for parts and products printed using Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology. Our Advanced Finishing Guide dives deep into each of our standard to premium finishes to help you elevate your next project.

Additive Manufacturing in Detail: ProCAST Production Tooling

This unique approach to short-run manufacturing offers an effective solution to produce parts with detailed, high-quality features that can be repeated time and time again.

Bridge Manufacturing Helps GM Deliver Vehicles on Time

When General Motors needed a crucial part for 30,000 passenger SUVs, GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) teamed up with some of its longstanding partners to produce parts in half the time needed using traditional manufacturing.

HP Multi Jet Fusion: A Powerful Technology Delivering Parts Within Days

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology produces durable parts using robust material properties at groundbreaking speed. Our Southern California and Detroit-area manufacturing centers house more than 35 HP MJF printers, with the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of production parts each week.

Carbon Digital Light SynthesisTM (DLS): A Rapid 3D-Printing Process That Produces Robust, High-Performance Parts

Our partnership with 3D-printing technology company Carbon means greater capabilities for the automotive market as well as added value for prototyping.

Metal Binder Jetting: A Process for Detailed Features and High Build Rates

Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ) yields extremely high build rates, with a scaling potential that harnesses GKN Powder Metallurgy’s longtime experience in sintering high-performance metal parts and products for mass production.

Fused Deposition Modeling: For Accurate Prototypes and End-Use Parts

Known for its robustness, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) produces accurate prototypes and end-use parts with exceptional tensile strength, flexibility, high melt points, UV resistance, and more.

Metal Laser Sintering: The Ultimate in Speed and Precision

The laser sintering 3D-printing process for metal parts, also known as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) or Selective Laser Melting (SLM), yields extremely high build rates with a scaling potential.

Stereolithography: One of the Most Accurate Additive Technologies

Stereolithography (SLA) is known as the original 3D printing process for producing rapid prototypes and show models.

Urethane Casting: For Short Runs of Functional, Aesthetically Pleasing Production Parts

Urethane Casting is the next step after a 3D printed prototype. Our proprietary process uses SLA, FDM, or CNC master model patterns to create the highest quality cast-urethane parts available.

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