Metal Binder Jetting (MBJ)

From Detailed Features to Massive Structures

The longstanding partnership between GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) and HP has led to the industrialization of binder additive manufacturing (AM) for serial production.

Unlike other AM technologies, Metal Binder Jetting is not limited to prototyping or small-batch production. As a sinter-based process, the finished parts have characteristics suitable for real-world applications. The sample parts already correspond almost completely to the finished series parts, which means that the process enables scalable 3D metal printing with exact reproduction of the most complex shapes — not only on an industrial scale, but also within the desired time and cost framework.

Sinter-based AM requires enormous expert knowledge, and this is where GKN Additive's particular know-how lies. Thanks to this expertise, the company — which is  headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with production sites in the United States, Germany, and China — is able to identify potential problems in advance and knows how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

We offer all steps of the industrial AM product development cycle, from product design to 3D printing, to sintering and finishing.

  • Leverage our extensive know-how in the sintering process and in metal injection molding production for 20+ years
  • Profit from our extensive experience in series production
  • Take advantage of our “Design-for-Binder” consulting services, which include product engineering and a focus on optimization potential so that we can spark new ideas and realize our customers’ dream designs


Get Your Metal Sample Part Shipped in 10 Days

Get your hands on a sample part and envision the potential uses for Metal Binder Jetting.

  • The sample part (raw part only, no in-depth engineering) can be shipped to you within 10 business days.
  • Material options: 316L (other materials, including 17-4PH, M2, DP600 are available for production)
  • Base cost: $15/cm3 (may differ for specific parts or volumes)
  • You can modify the part and even follow the standard development process for serial production.

Plus: If you decide to place an order based on this MBJ sample part, we will add a fully engineered sample part to each order for free.


  • Most effective metal AM process
  • Very high build rates up to 2,000 ccm/h
  • Technology build for serial production: more than 1,000 parts/year (no maximum limit)
  • High variety of metals and high-performance alloys available
  • Complex designs with higher-resolution details than laser AM or investment casting
  • Minimum wall thickness: >0.5mm
  • Sustainable production due to reusable powder feedstock


  • General industrial and media distribution (e.g., fluid manifolds, nozzles, filters)
  • Automotive parts
  • Toolmaking (such as press tools and cutter)
  • Consumer products and wearables (for example, watch casings)


Dimensional tolerance ISO tolerance class 14 (sintered part Cpk 1.33)
Wall thickness 0.5–30 mm
Surface quality Ra 6, Rz 45 μm
Part size Recommended maximum green part size: ~100 x 100 max. 80 mm
Build volume X440 Y309 Z200 mm
Resolution XY 1200DPI (21 μm) Z50-100 μm


  • 316L
  • 17-4PH
  • FSLA (free sintering low-alloy material)
  • Ni-free stainless steel
  • Pure Cu & CuCrZr (in development)
  • M2 tool steel

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