The veteran of all additive technologies, Stereolithography is known as the original 3D printing process for producing rapid prototypes and show models since 1989. This process (commonly referred to as SLA) utilizes a UV laser that cures parts one layer at a time in a photo-reactive epoxy resin. Widely regarded as one of the most accurate of the additive technologies, the Stereolithography 3D printing process is a popular choice amongst engineers looking for fine detailed, small featured parts as well as extraordinarily large components.

With both large-format and high-resolution SLA equipment, we can build parts as fine as .002" layer thickness on our high resolution Viper equipment - virtually overnight from your CAD data. We also offer a broad variety of resins to suit your rapid prototyping needs.


  • High resolution – parts at .002” - .006" layers
  • Fine features from a precise spot beam UV laser
  • Large, seamless parts that can be bonded together with UV light reactive resins
  • Waterclear models (in our SOMOS 11122 XC Watershed resin)
Stereolithography standard resolution - Engineering Finish
Stereolithography Somos 11122 waterclear - Forecast Quality Finish
Stereolithograpy Metal Clad Part


  • Metal clad models
  • Presentation models
  • Master patterns for ProCAST RTV projects
  • Anatomical models
  • Medical models
  • Architectural models
  • Short-run medical applications
  • General use prototypes


Standard Lead Time 1-3 days
Standard Accuracy Typically within +/-.007" for the first inch and +/-.003" for every inch thereafter
Layer Thickness - Standard Resolution .004" - .006"
Layer Thickness - High Resolution .002"
Maximum Part Dimensions 29" x 26" x 21" on the iPRO 9000 but part size is basically limitless with our UV epoxy bonding methods
Finishes SLA Models can be sandblasted, painted, tinted and made water clear (for 11122 XC watershed material). We classify our standard offerings as Engineering, Engineering Plus & Forecast Quality.


  • 11122 XC Watershed
  • 18420 Protogen
  • NeXt
  • PerForm

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