Waterclear Parts


We have several options to produce true waterclear parts with many finishing options. If a prototype is needed, we have several levels of finish that can be done with the SLA created with our 11122 Watershed material. This ranges from an engineering finish, which allows a visual optical clarity for testing with liquids, to a Forecast premium finish for photo shoots and investor meetings. Often we run just one waterclear set of RTV castings as an engineering study during the normal course of a ProCast RTV project.

For functional components, we also cast true water clear urethanes for exceptionally stunning parts both visually and mechanically in regards to diffraction of light for clarity of light pipes and lens. This can be achieved with our ProCast RTV tools from an SLA or CNC machined master pattern or our proprietary Hybrid CNC machined RTV tooling methods.

  • Medical components
  • Automotive tail lamps and head lamps
  • Lightpipes
  • Art sculpture
  • Engineering studies

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