Supplier Terms & Conditions

Applies to all purchase orders

1. Certificate of Conformance:
COC (Certificate of Conformance) are required with shipment from Outsource Vendors. The Seller shall furnish a Certificate of Conformance with each delivery attesting that each item conforms to all requirements of the Buyer's specification and purchase order and that all required test and inspections have been performed. The COC shall identify our name as the customer, our purchase order number, our part number, quantity shipped, and industry specifications when applicable.

2. Material Certs:
Material Certs / Process certs required with shipment from both raw material and outsourced process suppliers.

3. Shipping:
Seller shall comply with Buyer’s shipping instructions and submit all required shipping documentation prior to final payment. Purchase order number must appear on all correspondence, shipping labels, bill of ladings, and invoices.

4. Traceability Requirements:
The Seller shall provide means of end item traceability. The Seller may use the original manufacture Lot/Date Code/Serial number, or their own method for identifying the end item product as required for proper traceability. Multiple Lot/Dated coded material cannot be combined on a single shipper and must be packaged separately but can be boxed together. Each Lot/Date coded batch must have a corresponding shipper. Serialized shipments must have the serial numbers listed on the shipper and on the corresponding intermediate packaging. Duplication of Lot/Date Code/Serial numbers is prohibited.

5. Safety Data Sheet:
SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Required with Shipment from All Raw Material Vendors.

6. Shelf Life:
Do NOT Ship Raw Material with A Shelf Life Less Than One Year.

7. Records:
Records to Be Maintained for the Minimum Time Required on purchase order or Eleven Years When Not Specified.

8. Drop Shipments:
If material drop ship is required, packing slip must reference Forecast 3D PO number and be from the seller.

9. Seller Corrective Action:
In response to Buyer-initiated corrective action requests, Seller shall advise Buyer of root cause determination, corrective action taken to prevent recurrence of reported problems and/or discrepancies, and effectivity dates of the planned corrective action(s). Seller shall maintain a corrective action system that determines the effectiveness of such corrective.

10. Non-Conforming Product:
Seller must notify buyer prior to shipment of non-conforming product. Shipment of non-conforming product will negatively impact the performance rating of the seller. Seller is not authorized for dispositions of “Use as is” or “Repair”. If seller produces discrepant product that does not meet specifications and product must be scrapped, seller must destroy the product and render it unusable and unrecognizable. If seller is unable to make parts unusable/unrecognizable, seller must ship back all scrapped product to buyer.

11. On-time Deliveries:
Late deliveries could have a negative impact on seller’s performance rating. All early deliveries are acceptable unless otherwise stated on the purchase order. A late delivery is identified as the following.

A. Outsourced Processes: A delivery window of + 2days from the original agreed upon delivery date. A delivery outside this window will result in a negative delivery. Seller must communicate with the buyer in the event a delivery will be late and include a proposed revised schedule.
B. Raw Material Suppliers: A delivery window of + 5 days from the original agreed upon delivery date. A delivery outside this window will result in a negative delivery. Seller must communicate with the buyer in the event a delivery will be late and include a proposed revised schedule.

12. Counterfeit Goods, Detection, and Avoidance:
Seller shall obtain raw materials from original manufacturer, authorized dealers, or trusted suppliers.

A. Seller shall ensure purchased good are traceable to OEM and ensure authenticity.
B. Seller shall ensure that purchased raw materials are not re-labeled, misrepresented, or mismarked without legal right.
C. If seller becomes aware or suspects it has furnished counterfeit goods it shall promptly replace, at seller’s expense and notify buyer no later than 15 days from the discovery of counterfeit goods.
D. Seller will be held responsible for any damages incurred from counterfeit material.
E. If Forecast 3D identifies counterfeit material, it will be held onsite and shall not be returned to the seller. Once material is confirmed as counterfeit material it will be reported to GIDEP.

13. Conflict Minerals:
Materials and products delivered to buyer shall be free of known conflict minerals, as defined by the SEC. The latest CMRT template can be located at and shall be used when requested.

14. Human Trafficking:
Seller agrees to adhere to Federal Acquisition Regulation/Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR/DFAR) FAR52.222-50.

A. The FAR regulation prohibits a government contractor, its employees, and all its sub-tier suppliers including indirect suppliers and agents from engaging in prohibited trafficking activities such as using forced labor, sex trafficking, denying access to identity records, using fraudulent recruiting practices, or failing to provide written employment contracts prior to hiring workers to work in another country.

15. RoHS & Reach:
Seller must adhere to local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Seller must notify FORECAST 3D if it can’t supply RoHS/Reach compliant raw material under this order.

A. Raw materials delivered by the seller must be RoHS & Reach compliant. If this isn’t possible due to material selection, seller must notify FORECAST 3D prior to shipping raw material.
B. Outsourced processes that use raw materials to produce a part, must use RoHS/Reach complaint materials. If this isn’t possible due to material selection by FORECAST 3D then seller must notify FORECAST 3D prior to producing the part(s).

16. Product Safety and Ethical Behavior:
Seller shall ensure that employees affecting products are aware of:

A. Requirements related to product or service conformity.
B. Requirements for product safety
C. Importance of ethical behavior

Seller shall notify Forecast 3D if requirements cannot be met.

17. Change Control:
Seller is required to notify Forecast 3D prior to making any changes to processes, equipment, and/or raw materials that are provided that could affect the types of products/services provided to Forecast 3D. Seller shall notify Forecast 3D in writing of any possible changes and how it impacts the current service or raw material.

18. Health, Safety, & Environment:

A. Seller shall have programs in place that address worker safety, environmental obligations, and worker health.
B. Seller shall have all compliance obligations up to date, this includes and federal, state, and local obligations such as permits.
C. Seller shall safeguard equipment and materials to prevent accidental release of hazardous materials into public wastewater streams

19. Right of Access:
Seller shall allow Forecast 3D and its customers right of access to all applicable areas of the sellers facility and processes through prior notification.

20. Manufacturing:
Seller must produce materials and/or products in approved locations under controlled conditions. Controlled conditions include processes, equipment, and configuration-controlled data. Seller must notify Buyer “Forecast 3D” prior to moving Forecast 3D products to a different manufacturing location.

Quality Clauses
1. DFARS- DPAS Rated Order: The item(s) identified in this purchase order are in support of government rated contracts, the priority rating is identified as either DX or DO rated orders.

2. ITAR & Export Control: When ITAR compliance is required, the seller must comply with DDTC ITAR regulations and be registered through the DDTC guidelines. If the seller is not ITAR registered, seller must notify buyer immediately to cancel the order.

A. Seller shall not export out any technical data to any foreign persons, foreign companies, or foreign groups.

3. Calibration: All calibrations suppliers shall perform calibrations in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations and in compliance to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 using NIST traceable standards. Calibration supplier must supply certificates of calibration for each item referencing buyer’s asset number, serial number, NIST traceable standards that are used.

4. AS9102 FAI Required: FAI must be performed to the latest revision of AS9102.The FAI Report including bubbled drawing must be supplied using sellers excel format or the supplied Forecast 3D excel format and emailed to the sellers’ contact.

5. Source Inspection: When required seller shall accommodate buyer and/or buyer’s customer to perform an onsite inspection of deliverable product. Reasonable time shall be given to seller to make appropriate accommodations.

6. DPD – Digital Product Definition: Seller is required to obtain DPD approval through an onsite audit and must be compliant to the requirements of D6-51991. Refer to Boeing’s website for the latest revision. .

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