Hybrid RTV Tooling

For high quantities and unbeatable tolerances, our Hybrid RTV tooling process is the number one choice for repeatability and lower cost per part. The only RTV tooling process in the US that can achieve a tolerance of .002 inch per inch, our proprietary RTV process allows the same precision to be repeated time and time again for beautiful, high functioning castings.

This rapid manufacturing process was developed specifically for products requiring a short run quantity and high quality features. We specialize in medical carts and devices, end-use automotive and aircraft interior components, as well as mid to large skins and housings. Like our ProCAST RTV Urethane Casting process, our Hybrid process can produce parts with color and texture already in the part (painted parts scratch easily; many casting houses paint parts to cover flaws and fill voids from inferior prototype casting processes).

With our Hybrid process, engineers no longer have to design for Injection, Thermo, or Pressure forming and no longer need to invest in expensive injection molding for low volume product launches.


  • CNC Machined tool for very high tolerances
  • 5' x 10' single pattern capabilities for LARGE parts
  • High Quantities & Tight Tolerances
  • True Repeatability per Tool, per Part
  • Lower cost per part while still utilizing Urethane materials
  • Cheaper & faster alternative to Injection Molding
  • Cast in any color, reduces flaws that come with scratches on painted parts
  • Cast in any texture
RTV Tooling
Urethane Casting - RTV Tooling
Urethane Casting - ProCAST Service


  • Medical Devices
  • Mid to Large Skins and Housings
  • Keypads or parts with thin webbing under buttons
  • Projects that require tight tolerances from cast parts


Standard Lead Time 1-3 weeks for a first article
Standard Accuracy +/- .007" first inch plus .002" per inch thereafter
Minimum Wall Thickness Not specified. Parts designed with Injection Mold best practices generally do very well through the Hybrid process
Minimum Feature Size Because the tools are CNC machined, feature size is typically limited to cutter size
Typical Order Volume 100 - 2000 pieces batch production
Finishes Beyond typical callouts including Mold-Tech texture for in mold texture, we are happy to perform to print for any required post finishing requirements


  • Rigid Epoxies & Urethanes
  • Silicone & Urethane Rubbers
  • Water Clear Urethanes
  • Eco Performance Resins
  • Special Application Plastics

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