The partnership between GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) and 3D-printing technology company Carbon equals greater capabilities for the automotive market as well as added value for prototyping.

Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS) is a rapid 3D-printing process that uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce high-performance robust parts comparable to traditional manufacturing plastics. This process accelerates high-value product development cycles while using the same platform specifically designed to provide a cost effective path from prototyping to high-volume production.

*Terms & Conditions

Offer valid for a 50% discount on Carbon Digital Light SynthesisTM (DLS) orders beginning November 3, 2022. Orders must be greater than $200 and not exceed $5,000. Full taxes, service, and shipping fees apply and are not applicable toward discount. Offer subject to material availability including, but not limited to, EPX 82, EPX 86FR, EPU 40, RPU 70, RPU 130, and single-size restrictions, excluding cutting, bonding, etc. Offer limited to prototype orders only. Post-processing not available. No cash value. Non-transferable. Cannot be combined with other offers.


  • Isotropic parts with exceptional surface finish
  • Best-in-class material performance
  • Highly precise fine features
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Technology built for rapid scaling from prototype to


  • Automotive interior and exterior parts
  • Electrical connectors
  • Parts that require flame-retardant material
  • Tough, durable industrial applications


Build Volume (X Y Z) 7.4 x 4.6 x 12.8 in , 189 x 118 x 326 mm
XY; Z Resolution* 75 µm; 25, 50 or 100 µm
General Accuracy +/-.003 up to one inch and +/-.001 for every inch above that
Production Repeatability
Up to ±0.002 in, up to ±40 µm

* Z resolution is adjustable from single digit microns to multiple hundred microns, and can be optimized through
working with Carbon on your target application.


EPX 82. A high-strength epoxy-based engineering material with excellent long-term durability and mechanical properties, comparable to lightly glass-filled thermoplastics.

EPX 86FR. A flame-retardant resin with an unmatched combination of functional toughness, high strength, and long-term stability.

RPU 70. This rigid polyurethane – comparable to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) – is a good choice for parts that require strength, toughness, and moderate heat resistance.

RPU 130. A strong, tough, and heat resistant resin with a unique combination of performance attributes, making it comparable to an unfilled thermoplastic such as nylon and polypropylene.

EPU 40. This high-performance polyurethane elastomer is a good choice for applications where high elasticity and tear resistance are needed.

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