Rapid Manufacturing


RTV Tooling

In our industry today, we have honed our rapid manufacturing practices and elevated our material sciences enough to allow some very revolutionary designs to come to life. Taking full advantage of what additive manufacturing offers, engineers have been able to take projects that would normally take months to develop accelerated that into a solution that took days instead. Often times this is done with reducing the number of components in the assembly as well.

This is being done very efficiently through many of the additive manufacturing processes we have in house. Utilizing metal clad SLA's for in flight hardware, nickel over copper with the Laser Sintered plastics for shielding and custom high tech welding shields, ProCast and Hybrid RTV urethanes for short run automotive and medical applications to some mind boggling fully dense sintered metal parts with our DirectAlloy™ metal laser sintered process. And this is just the beginning. We are constantly looking for ways to help maximize the additive manufacturing advantages and make things more efficient for our customers.

Aerospace Applications
With our ISO 9001 / AS 9100 accredited Metal and Plastic Laser Sintering facility, we have become industry front runners on creating additively manufactured parts for in flight usage. With many of these designs, we employ the added benefit of metal cladding our components, commonly with a nickel over copper, to add strength and shielding characteristics. This is a growing segment of business that has exciting potential and will continue to build into other avenues of commerce over time.

Automotive Applications
We have a been a part of many short run productions of vehicles, including production battery packs for electric vehicles, production runs of side view mirrors and interior components al with our ProCast RTV process. We also have the ability to either hand layup carbon fibers or add milled fibers directly to our resins to increase physical characteristics dramatically.

Medical Applications
Perfect for short-run applications and Just in Time related inventory, we have created a number of relationships over the years with companies that have been able to benefit substantially by partnering with us. Many cart based products have found a perfect fit with our ProCast and Hybrid applications as well as our high resolution waterclear SLA's and RTV castings for many test and marketing purposes.

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