Production & Prototype

To help you better understand prototype vs production, we classify manufacturing into three phases: prototype, production, and mass production. PROTOTYPE is the crucial beginning phase of product development. In this step, anywhere from 1 to 100 parts are required, dependent upon the extent of testing and validation. Over the years, we have built our business in this space. As the Additive technologies have advanced, however, and our internal process and quality systems have been put in place, we have entered the next phase of Series Production to where almost 40% of the work we produce is a batch production run.

SERIES PRODUCTION, also referred to as BATCH PRODUCTION, begins when prototypes have been validated, marketing is complete, beta sites have been identified, and product sales have begun. This is generally from 100 – 2,000 quantity runs, and whether this is your target quantity for production or just the beginning - this is an area that we excel in by leveraging the CONTRACT MANUFACTURING  benefits of speed and cost with our modern approach.

MASS PRODUCTION - when a product is entering its maturity, with quantities in the thousands and tens of thousands - this is another area we can help. Depending upon delivery needs and time required for production methods, the ability to leverage our capabilities could have real potential - specifically with MJF technology.


SERVICE Typical Use PROTOTYPE PRODUCTION Typical Delivery Typical Quantity
MJF Medical / Military / Automotive Interior x x 1-2 weeks 1 - 100,000+
DMLS / SLM Medical / Oil & Gas / Aerospace x x 1-2 weeks 1 - 1000
SLA Medical / Dental, Hearing Aids, Medical Models x 1-2 weeks 1 - 300
FDM Aerospace / Production Jigs & Fixtures x x 1-3 weeks 1 - 300
POLYJET Medical / Dental, Figurines, Medical Models x 1-2 weeks 1 - 300
PROCAST URETHANES Medical, Aerospace, Consumer, Automotive, x x 1-2 weeks 1 - 1,000
HYBRID RTV TOOLING Medical, Aerospace, Consumer, Automotive x 1-4 weeks 1 - 4,000
INJECTION MOLDING Common Manufacturing method across all industry x 3-5 weeks 1,000 - 1,000,000

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