Overmolding is one of our specialties - we do many complex, functional and highly aesthetic over molded assemblies year after year. Utilizing the SLA process, we build substrates and separate assembly models which are finished to specification, often a Mold-Tech texture or specific SPI finish called out, even combinations of both. We then mold the base substrate in a colored and textured plastic and insert that component into the tool created of the assembly. What comes out is a highly functional cast assembly, often with a shore A rubber over a hard plastic although that is not the limitation. We have done many rubber hand grips in assemblies that have a softer shore A molded over a slightly harder shore A, with great results.

We also can provide rapid prototypes of over molded assemblies using the Connex 500 equipment by Object which allows for dissimilar materials to be deposited in the same build. This includes shore A & shore D combinations. While limited in color, durometer and exhibiting weaker mechanical properties, it is a perfect fit where a quick, highly functional prototype is required.

  • Optical goggles
  • Toothbrushes and razors
  • Consumer electronics
  • iPhone cases
  • Rubber boots for cameras
  • Custom sandals
  • Protective cases for electronics
  • Custom strain reliefs
  • Medical prototypes for endogastric surgery
  • Recreational water bottles

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