A part that has visible process layer lines and minimal post processing that is specific to the engineer who is most concerned with cost savings, faster lead times, and proofing out design. These parts have minimal finish done to additive master models and cast parts may have signs of color / surface variations inherent to the RTV process.

This finish is designed for applications where the strength and cast in color of a part is important, but the high level of aesthetics found in our Forecast Quality is not necessary and lead time is more important. These parts may have imperfections due to process; small scratches, variations in cast color and has minimal visible layer lines at arm’s length on outside surfaces.

A part that is typically representative of our heavy emphasis on aesthetics with very minimal process defects; slight imperfections on the castings, minimal variations in cast color and no visible layer lines on show surfaces.

Parts deemed as critical finished to spec. Tight tolerances, Custom Finishes, etc.. Please specify in notes and include any mechanical drawings and/or available BOM's

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