• Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Selective Laser Melting - Additive Manufacturing of Metal Alloy Powders.

The SLM (Selective Laser Melting) process, also referred to as DMLS, manufactures metal parts one 30-micron layer at a time. Starting with very fine alloy powders, a 400-watt laser micro-welds layers together as a recoater blade deposits the next layer of alloy powder, rapidly and accurately bringing your CAD geometry to life.

The Process

This additive process allows for the speed, accuracy, and design freedom that is unparalleled by any other prototyping or manufacturing method. For functional and aesthetic needs, we offer a series of post processes, including heat-treating, EDM, and CNC machining. Final surface finish treatments are handled by our talented machinists and finishing team.

For exceptionally fine features and complex geometries that are difficult or impossible to machine, the SLM process is unmatched. These accurate, 99% dense metal prototypes or end use parts boast the strength and durability that is comparable, at minimum, to cast or forged parts.

While Additive Manufacturing is in itself an improvement over traditional manufacturing methods, the benefits of this groundbreaking technology are fully realized when used in conjunction with traditional methods. With our in-house CNC, welding, fabrication, and finishing expertise, we are able to leverage these technologies to do so much more than print a metal part. As the second company to bring this Metal Additive technology into the US in 2006, we’d like to think we have established a mastery of this evolving technology.

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