Nylon GF is a rigid glass-filled nylon 12 material used for real-world testing and functional end-use parts. This material has excellent mechanical stiffness, superior demensional stability, and nice surface finish. Nylon GF can also perform at elevated temperature environments making it a good choice for some thermal testing applications.
Density D792 1.49 g/cm3 0.0538 lb/in3
Elongation at Break (XY) D638 1.4% 1.4%
Tensile Strength, Ultimate (XY) D638 26 MPa 3771 psi
Tensile Modulus (XY) D638 4068 MPa 590 ksi
Flexural Strength, Ultimate (XY) D638 37 MPa 5366 psi
Flexural Modulus (XY) D790 3106 MPa 450 ksi
Impact Strength (Notched Izod, & 23°C) D256 41 J/m 0.8 ft-lb/in
Heat Deflection Temp (HDT & 0.45 MPa)D648 179 °C 354.2 °F
Heat Deflection Temp (HDT & 1.82 MPa) D648 134 °C 273.2 °F

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