Nylon D80 is an impact-resistant nylon 11 material that offers the toughness of injection-molded polypropylene and ABS. This rugged material is used heavily in the aerospace industry to produce housings, enclosures, and ductwork. Its durabilty, flexibility, and moderate level of detail make D80 a good choice for a variety of applications, especially for end-use parts.
DensityD792 1.04 g/cm3 0.0376 lb/in3
Elongation at Break (XY)D638 32% 32%
Tensile Strength, Ultimate (XY) D638 35.85 MPa 5200 psi
Tensile Modulus (XY) D638 1392 MPa 202 ksi
Flexural Strength, Ultimate (XY) D638 N/A N/A
Flexural Modulus (XY) D790 868.73 MPa 126 ksi
Impact Strength (Notched Izod, & 23°C) D256 69.42 J/m 1.3 ft-lb/in
Heat Deflection Temp (HDT & 0.45 MPa)D648 163 °C 325 °F
Heat Deflection Temp (HDT & 1.82 MPa) D648 43 °C 111 °F

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