Our UABS-HIB (High Impact Black) is for applications that require very tough, durable cast components. Only available in black, this material has good rigidity and stiffness with a very high modulus. With a notched Izod Impact strength rated at 2.64 ft/lb right out of the tool, or up to 3.17 with a post-cure, it's able to withstand some rigorous testing.
PropertiesASTMCured Overnight @ RT + 6 hr @ 150°FCured 7 days @ Room Temp
Cured Hardness, Shore DD224080D80D
Tensile Strength, psiD6387,5957,170
Tensile Modulus, psiD638222,197221,156
Flexural Strength, psiD7909,3379,509
Flexural Modulus, psiD790207,408236,132
Compressive Strength, psiD6958,6088,084
Compressive Modulus, psiD695221,499251,484
Izod Impact Strength, Method A Notched ft. lb/inD2563.172.64
Elongation, %D63844.255.9
Specific Gravity, grams, ccD14751.1271.127
Specific Volume, cu. in. / lb.D79224.624.6
Density, lb. cu/inD792.0407.0407
Glass Transition, Tg, DMA, PeakD4065232°F232°F
Water Absorption, 24 hours immmersionD5700.11%0.11%

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