With the addition of milled glass fibers into our very popular UABS 85 material, we create a composite urethane with high performance characteristics not normally found in thermoset plastics. In situations where greater part stiffness is required, by the addition of these reinforcing fibers, UABS-AF can produce castings that have improved stiffness and excellent impact resistance along with a very high Flexural Modulus. This material has the strength to perform in the most demanding of prototype and production applications.
Cured Hardness, Shore DD224087
Specific Gravity, grams, ccD14751.2 - 1.25
Tensile Strength, psiD63810,686
Tensile Modulus, psiD638627,944
Flexural Strength, psiD79019,170
Flexural Modulus, psiD790821,583
Compressive Strength, psiD69514,477
Compressive Modulus, psiD695547,922
Izod Impact Strength, Method A Notched ft. lb/inD256.82
Density, lb. cu/inN/AN/A
Elongation, %D412/D638N/A
Heat Deflection Temp, °FD648N/A
Glass TransitionTMA219°

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