If you're looking for a UV stable short-run production resin that will last, this is your choice. This high performance resin is a rigid 86D, with a waterclear base that allows for a precise color matching for the most discerning aesthetic requirements. This resin also exhibits high heat distortion temperature and very good impact resistance.
Properties Units ASTM
Specific Gravity, grams, cc 1.07 1.08
Cured Hardness, Shore D 86± 2 D2240
Density g/cc 1.13 D792
Tensile Strength, psi 8,350 D638
Elongation at Break, % 22% D638
Tensile Modulus, psi 280,000 D638
Flexural Strength, psi 11,200 D790
Flexural Modulus, psi 290,000 D790
Izod Impact Strength, ft-lbs/in of Notch 1.16 D256
Heat Deflection Temp @66 psi 193°F D648

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