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Robust Plastic parts for functional components

The plastic laser sintering process was incepted in the early 1990s and is known in the industry as SLS though a more modern day and accurate description of the technology is plastic laser sintering. Forecast acquired its first plastic laser sintering machine in 2000, and has since added four additional machines, including the large platform EOS P760.

The SLS process is advantageous in the ability to build parts without support structure while utilizing all axes during the build process in axes as opposed to just the X and Y axes like SLA offers. Additionally, due to the nylon base material it also produces more robust parts. And as an added benefit to the technology, materials with filler added to the nylon emerged, producing even stronger parts. Since the inception of metal laser sintered parts in 2000, the term laser sintering has become synonymous with both plastic and metal laser sintering.

As the technology of the machines advance, we maintain our commitment to continuous improvement in upgrading our LS machines for optimal part manufacturing. And to truly remain a leader in this service, we employ and continue to hire veterans of the industry. In fact, many of the staff members in our sintering department are former employees at what was DTM Corp. the company setup with the initial minds from UT Austin, where the process was born.

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