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Going Beyond Additive Manufacturing.

Customers often ask us what the next step is, beyond our Additive Manufacturing services, looking for parts in higher quantities, in color and texture and with higher expectations in aesthetics. With our ProCAST RTV service, it is the perfect next step. This is our flagship service and nobody does it with the same passion and ability like we do. Large parts? Not a problem! We cannot be an industry leader and be limited by size, as we maintain a number of in house manufactured casting systems, including the largest prototype casting chamber in the U.S. - producing large, void free castings up to 1200 in3.

In-mold and overmold requirements are challenges we embrace. We offer a variety of in-mold fiber materials, which allows us to strengthen your parts by a factor of 10 and are considered specialists in overmolding / co-molding projects. We love the opportunity to keep perfecting the art that helped kick start our business with one of our first projects of ruggedizing the Apple Newton, a precursor to today's iPad.

It is our stated mission to produce the highest quality cast thermoset urethane parts available in the industry. By creating and maintaining our own technology, and continuously improving with constant R&D efforts, we look to maximize the process and increase throughput for improved quality, accuracy, flexibility and efficiency to help make our customers successful in delivering the best product possible.

Quality Assurance

Our QA department inspects and measures parts from all of our processes, as well as a five-stage process for master patterns prior to being molded and the cast parts that come off each tool. Productivity and traceability in this process is key, which is why each part has a barcode that tracks it through the entire process. We maintain the highest level of craftsmanship through a recognized quality system with a five-step QA process to tightly control and maximize throughput within our ITAR & ISO 9001 Compliant, world class ProCAST RTV molding, casting, and finishing departments.

History of the ProCAST process

Back when FORECAST 3D was founded, most engineers were not familiar with the burgeoning 3D printing processes recently born, namely the stereolithography (SLA) technology. We spent a lot of time educating our customers on what was possible with these new technologies. Teaming up with the creators of the SLA technology, 3D Systems to include RTV castings to their service offerings. We developed a solid relationship and they supplied us with daily shipments of newly built SLA models, which helped fuel our growth into a leader in RTV prototype and short-run production service industry.

Today, hundreds of thousands of ProCAST molds and parts later, our skilled craftsmen use the same proprietary RTV molding process and equipment engineered and developed in house at our world-class 28,000 sq. ft. facility.

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