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Bridging the development gap for low, medium or high volume injection molding needs.

Forecast 3D customers expect a seamless connection from rapid prototype to production. Unfortunately, with multiple suppliers (urethane parts, 3D printers, etc.), new product development can become more managing than innovation. In 2002, we added plastic injection tooling and molding to our core services to bridge the development gap for low, medium or high volume injection molding needs. All of our Injection Tooling and Molding is performed by our sister company, REVA Plastics www.revaplastics.com

Using our direct knowledge gathered during rapid prototyping, we identify and avoid issues that would normally cause production delays and costly re-design that traditional over-the-wall molders inherently face. To further support your needs, our tooling and molding services are professionally managed by a team of U.S. and China-based engineering project managers, giving you timely communication when you need it. Their skills span across the spectrum of needs our customers expect, including tool design, part design, and a fine understanding of the latest materials and processes.

Since 2002, we have built more than 2,000 molds, and offer the latest in injection molding technologies, including overmolding, medical manufacturing, insert molding, and the ability to create subassemblies. Some of the most recognized and desired products have moved through our facilities. Today. Forecast 3D has expanded our capabilities to include the latest equipment and certifications in our efforts to maintain the highest level of workmanship and quality.

The following is a checklist of our capabilities and certifications:


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