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Forecast 3D takes you from innovation to production with speed, quality, and competitive pricing.

GKN Forecast 3D is equipped to deliver fast, high-quality prototypes and production parts to your door. We have the ability to produce millions of parts per day.

Materials – We Have it All

Forecast 3D is pushing the boundaries in both metals and plastics mass production. We have countless material capabilities, ranging from metal to medically approved and from performance plastics to prototyping polymers.

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- Quotes: Instant quotes are available for MJF and SLA. Other quotes are typically turned around the same day.
- Parts: One-day MJF parts available (some restrictions apply). All other parts are generally produced in one to four business days.
- Minimum order size may apply.

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*One-Day MJF Restrictions


- Material: PA12 (Nylon)
- Finish: Natural Gray only (right now)
- Max part size is 10 x 10 x 6"
- The order will not qualify for 1-Day MJF if there are additional requirements such as finishing, insert installation, taps, etc.

Lead Time

- Order cutoff time to ship the next day is 3 PM PST Monday-Friday (holidays and weekends excluded)
- Any orders placed after 3 PM PST will ship the following day.


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