Engineering Models


When it comes to producing quick engineering studies, we have several choices for you to pick from. One of the fastest paths to this is to build an SLA pattern and choose our Level 1 Engineering Finish and First Available option. This will get your project queued into the next available build in the SLA / PolyJet Lab using the most time and design effective choice by our experienced lab technicians. This finish level has us getting the parts on and off the machine, minimal post processing and in your hands as fast as possible.

The sintered nylons that come from the SLS process are a great fit when a highly functional, robust engineering pattern is required. We have done many components that have bolted directly on to motors, cars, and Unmanned Air Vehicles that have gone into functional testing, including intake manifolds with under hood applications and full detonation conditions.* We even carry a line of flame retardant nylons. More details on the sintered plastic materials available can be found here.

You can also transition your engineering pattern directly into a master pattern for a ProCast RTV tool in which we can then cast some very high durability plastics. We carry some highly functional thermosets that have glass fiber fill for superior strength characteristics as well as a line of epoxidized phenolic resins that can handle elevated heat as well as fuel and oil resistance. More information on these resins can be found here.

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