Composite Castings


Over the last several years we have compiled the ability to produce additively manufactured and RTV cast parts that are fully capable of handling the harsh environments that come along with the internal combustion chamber powered engines. Having successfully created many different under hood components, working parts bolted directly on to concept / pre-production automobiles and even custom fuel tanks for unmanned air vehicles.

Utilizing the Plastic Laser Sintering process specifically, we have developed a unique and highly effective way to create custom, functional fuel tanks. Taking full advantage of Additive Manufacturing techniques, we have created fuel tanks, throttle bodies and manifolds for customers that function as well as save costs by reducing the number of components and tooling required. These components are sintered with the SLS process and coated with a commercial fuel tank coating with exceptional results and under strict control of our ISO 9001 / AS 9100 rated facility. This is a good fit for prototypes and short run productions where the expense of tooling cannot be amortized into a part price.

We also carry a line of expodized phenolic resins utilized in our ProCast and Hybrid RTV casting processes that can handle the higher Heat Deflection Temperatures and fuel and oil resistance necessary to handle harsh under hood environments. This has proven to allow for custom fuel rails and exhaust manifolds in production aftermarket environments. See more information on the Composite Casting materials as well as a recent New York Times Article on the Composite Castings technology.

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